Most of my coins come from mail order dealers. My impression is that many dealers in ancient coins do not make a living off their sales. Reputable dealers always guarantee their coins to be authentic. As further guarantee, I have seen some say that if you can prove that a coin is not genuine, they will not only refund your money but also the cost of verification. I cannot even beg counterfeit coins from my dealers, even though they do see them on the market. These dealers have supplied my needs since the early 1980s. My favorite dealers are presumably deceased and I have removed their names from this page. Some dealers specialize in the highly priced coins, which I avoid for this educational exhibit. Most dealers have fixed prices. There are other dealers out there who can be found in the advertizements in:
Celator magazine, P.O. Box 911, Gainsville, MO 65655. (417) 679 - 2142, - 2524 fax. Contact Doris J. Sayles at
World Coin News and Coin World magazines. Coin World, P.O. Box 4315, Sidney, OH 45365-4315. (800) 253 - 4555

I have not seen David Hendin's recent price lists but individual coins were usually too expensive for my exhibit. I started in his Beginners Bargains and also got all of the editions of his book directly from him. An excellent source for Judaean coins.
Amphora, P.O. Box 805, Nyack, New York 10960. (914) 358 7364

Another source for Jewish and other ancient coins. He is local for me, so I have sorted through his offerings to find what I wanted. My largest purchases have been of bulk, uncleaned, unidentified Judaean leptons.
William M. Rosenblum, P.O. Box 355, Evergreen, Colorado 80439. (303) 838 - 4831.

A friend and I have patronized Guy Clark using his E-mail and Web address. We got some nice bargains on otherwise expensive coins.
Guy Clark, Ancient Coins and Antiquities, P.O. Box 6151, Norfolk, VA 23508-6151, U.S.A., (757) 622 - 3474

I have not purchased coins for many years, so I am essentially out of touch with the present market. I no longer have recommendations for sources of readable ancient coins and consider that the investment grade coins are too expensive for an educational exhibit like mine.

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