For your convenience this chapter has been divided among four pages: This introduction, astronomical indications, geological indications, and archaeological indications.

Dr Holroyd is Research Physical Scientist for the US Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Colorado. He holds a BS in Astrophysics from the University of Rochester, and a PhD in Atmospheric Science from the University of New York at Albany. Dr Holroyd has specialised in cloud physics and weather modification and remote sensing research for more than 30 years.

The biblical account presents a creation in which each thing was fully functional when it was made. The first trees did not come from seeds. The first mammals did not come from embryos. Adam was not an infant on his first day. All things appeared as if they had been in existence before their day of creation. That is 'the appearance of age'. In today's culture, our entertainment industry is continually giving us productions in which the action starts at some point and continues through to the end of the program. There is an apparent prior 'history' that occurred before the opening scenes. We readily accept this 'appearance of age' in our movies and television programs and plays. We make no claims that the playwright or producer is deceiving us. Similarly, I believe we should be able to accept a creation with the appearance of age without calling God a liar. He told us how He did it all. So there is no deception. We just do not have all of the details that we might like, as with a movie mystery.

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