Serene Conservency (Strippgen Park), Photo Inventory

Serene Conservency (Strippgen Park) is presently a future open space, not yet available for public enjoyment. It is owned by Prospect Recreation and Parks District. The property is in the Van Bibber valley, on the south side of the west end of Jeffco's Van Bibber Open Space Park. Access will be from Indiana Street.

There are numerous things to observe in the Strippgen Park. This photo inventory will help you see what is there to enjoy. Follow the links. Some photos are from Internet sources or Field Guide books. It is hoped that they can be replaced eventually by local photography.

Help is still needed for many of the subjects. Proper English and scientific names can be upgraded or corrected. Some photos need identification, especially for plants.

This is a 2010 aerial view of the property, with the yellow line approximately showing the perimeter fence (not necessarily the legal boundary). Indiana Street is at the left. 54th Avenue is in the lower right. The Croke Canal curves around in the lower left. The Van Bibber Park concrete walkway is at the top. Site cleanup is continuing. A conservation easement indicates that the interior 13 acres should be restored to natural habitat, while the 5 acres adjacent to Indiana Street might have some structures and facilities for park enjoyment.

Here are links to the photo inventory:


Photography contributors have been:
Chuck Carnefix
Ed Holroyd (mostly)
Hilding Holroyd
Karen Holroyd
Ruth Holroyd

Plants, Insects, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals