Genesis chapters 1 to 11

The following pages are copies (scanned at 500 dpi) of bilingual Bibles in English and Chinese. There are two different translations for each language. For English they are the New International Version (NIV), a widely respected translation, and the Good News Version (TEV), sometimes called the Today's English Version, in simpler English originally meant for people whose second language was English.

The NIV is paired with the Union version of Chinese, in simplified characters. It uses "shen" for god. The TEV is paired with the Today's Chinese Version in traditional characters. It uses "Shang Di" for God.

The links are identified by page numbers. Page 0 shows the publisher information for each version. Once started in one of the versions, Back and Next links will take you to the adjacent pages. However, you may also jump to any page. Unfortunately, the page numbers do not correspond to Genesis chapter numbers. So another set of links is given for chapter navigation.

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