Genuine Coins of the Bible Period

by Edmond W. Holroyd, III, Ph.D.

Since about 1980 this exhibit and its partial clones have been refined and shown to thousands of people around the world. It is starting to appear in other languages. Its purpose is to affirm, through the physical evidence of ancient coins, that the history described in the Bible is real history, not fiction. It is hoped that your faith in the other teachings of the Bible is thereby strengthened. The emphasis promotes the historic Christian faith common to most denominations.

There are roughly a hundred pages to visit. Saving all coin illustrations on your hard disc will accumulate over 10 MB of JPEG and GIF files. The pictures that first appear on your screen are 1/4 reductions. Click on them to see the full (printable) resolution versions and then use your own Back key to return. The "Back" link at the bottom of most pages backtracks through the intended order of the exhibit. Use your own back key to step back along the route that you used.

The topics, in roughly chronological order, are grouped as follows:

These pages and the illustrations are similar to those used in the physical exhibit which contains the actual coins. They are enclosed in plastic storage bags (18 x 20 cm). When laid out at a showing they cover an area equivalent to about three tables of roughly 1 x 2.5 meters (3 x 8 feet) in size.

These coins are not for sale, but similar coins can be readily obtained from various dealers. Notations at the bottoms of the pages in the form [SR 567] refer to coin numbers in standard reference books.

Non-commercial use of this exhibit is permitted. You may print your own handouts for Bible study classes, but your color printing costs could become large. You will need to understand your hardware and software to get the correct coin sizes.