The Roman soldiers took many parts in the crucifixion event:
--They mocked Jesus with a purple robe, a crown of thorns, a reed, and salutes;
--they slapped, beat, stripped, and spat on him;
--they led him away to crucify him;
--they disposed of his clothing, offered him drugged wine, continued to mock him on the cross, and kept guard;
--one made sure Jesus was dead using a spear;
--one said, "He was a son of God!";
--they guarded the tomb until an angel opened it;
--they received a considerable sum of money to spread a tale that the disciples stole the body.

From 66-70 A.D. the Tenth Roman Legion soldiers defeated the Jews and destroyed the Temple, just as Jesus had said they would. While waiting during the siege of Jerusalem they took worn out coins and counterstamped them with "Lx", making them suitable for army use. This coin bears that signature of the Tenth Roman Legion that did these things.
[H 803]

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