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Two of the longest cultures still around today are those of the Chinese and the Hebrew/Jewish peoples. Since about 1986 I have been learning from the writings of Dr. Ethel R. Nelson and more recently Dr. Chan Kei Thong that in the ancient Chinese characters are remnants of illustrations that strongly suggest a common origin for these two cultures. The cultures became separated thousands of years ago, but in recent times there is a return to the Creator and the relationships intended for us. The following links will illustrate at least part of this fascinating story.

Parts of the story have been known for hundreds of years, and little of the story is from my own research and discovery. So I give full credit to my resources. I met Dr. Nelson first in 1986 and then in 1990 and have corresponded with her since then. Her analyses are presented in a series of books that show an increasing understanding with each subsequent publication. However, I do not feel that she has adequately justified some of her conclusions. I have selected only a few of her interpretations.

The Discovery of Genesis, How the Truths of Genesis Were Found Hidden in the Chinese Language, by C.H. Kang and Ethel R. Nelson, Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, MO.; 1979; ISBN 0-570-03792-1.
Genesis and the Mystery Confucius Couldn't Solve, by Ethel R. Nelson and Richard E. Broadberry, Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, MO.; 1994 (a revision of a 1986 publication by Read Books); ISBN 0-570-04635-1.
God's Promise to the Chinese, by Ethel R. Nelson, Richard E. Broadberry, and Ginger Tong Chock, Read Books Publisher, Dunlap, TN; 1997; ISBN 0-937869-01-5.
The Beginning of Chinese Characters, by Ethel R. Nelson, Richard Broadberry, and Samuel Wang, Read Books Publisher, Dunlap, TN; 2001; ISBN 0-937869-03-1.
Most of the Chinese character illustrations to follow are from the fourth book. Some of these books are also published in China in the Chinese language. These four analyze the designs and origins of the Chinese characters.

All languages change over time in word usage and meanings. The designs of the Chinese characters have also changed and some of the meanings have been altered or lost. I have read articles criticizing some of Dr. Nelson's interpretations. Therefore what is presented here is open for discussion and alternate viewpoints.

God and the Ancient Chinese by Samuel Wang and Ethel R. Nelson, Read Books Publisher, Dunlap, TN; 1998; ISBN 0-937869-02-3.
This book examines the ancient Chinese literature.

I met Dr. Chan Kei Thong in 2007 when he stayed overnight in our home. He wrote the following book, published first in Chinese and then in English.
Faith of Our Fathers, God in Ancient China, by Chan Kei Thong, published in Shanghai, China; 2005; ISBN-13: 978-981-05-9847-9 in Chinese; 2006; ISBN 7-80186-506-5 in English.
He reviews the symbolism in the ancient Chinese characters in chapter 2. In other chapters he reviews ancient Chinese literature and concepts and historical items.

Illustrations from some of these books were extracted and are shown on the following pages. In addition, two bilingual Bibles (Chinese: U = Union, T = Today's Chinese Version; NIV = New International Version, TEV = Good News Translation / Today's English Version) were used for extracted passages. The full content of Genesis chapters 1 to 11 from these two books is shown in the link at the bottom of this page. It could be helpful to examine these books themselves to see the much larger amount of information that is available.

For reassurance of character meanings I used two resources. The Besta MT-7000 electronic dictionary was excellent in verifying interpretations or giving other meanings. I also used the Oxford Concise English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary, 1994 version. A few of the Chinese character illustrations are from this source. The Besta dictionary only gave simplified characters and many characters are not given an English translation. The Oxford dictionary gave both traditional and simplified characters. In general, those of Dr. Nelson's interpretations that did not seem to be in agreement with these two independent dictionaries were omitted from the discussion that follows.

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