Creation and the Book of Abraham's version.

Creation agreements between the Bible and the Book of Abraham.

7 days of Creation
Days defined by the day/night cycle
Same order of creation:
1. Initial empty earth, darkness, Spirit presence above waters. "Let there be light." Day and Night, evening and morning: first day.
2. Division of waters, heaven.
3. Oceans and land, plant varieties according to kinds.
4. Sky lights in day (sun), night (moon, stars), for times and seasons.
5. Animals in waters and sky, according to kinds.
6. Land animals, according to kinds. People to rule over animals, in image of God. Vegetarian diets.
7. Rest day.

Retelling of details of creation of Adam, from dust, breath and spirit given. Garden of Eden with 2 special trees. Rivers. Rules. Creation of Eve. Nakedness. Naming of animals.

Creation disagreements between the Bible and the Book of Abraham.

The Bible identifies a Trinitarian God: One God within which are three Persons. All three had a presence and a role in the Creation. The name used for God is the Hebrew Elohim, a plural name but used with singular verbs.

The Book of Abraham is polytheistic. Smith changes Elohim to read "the Gods". (Elsewhere Elohim is used as the personal name of the chief God of Mormonism.) "The Gods" were a committee who were sent to "organize" the Earth, rather than create things.

The Bible has instantaneous response to the creative words of God.

The Book of Abraham has "the Gods" waiting until the aspects of creation "obeyed".

The Book of Abraham 3:24-28 strongly departs from the Bible. It indicates pre-existent spirits for whom the Earth was organized out of raw materials. These spirits are to prove their obedience during their earthly life in order to progress to a higher state. The section ends with a chief God asking for volunteers to organize the Earth. A "Son of Man" is chosen. A second volunteer, presumably Lucifer (Satan) is not and becomes angry and gathers a following of many others.

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