Facsimile No. 2

A drawing that has most of the features of Facsimile No. 2 appears in Joseph Smith's notebook, but it has missing features. Smith took characters from the papyrus and inserted them in various places but upside-down and backwards and in heiratic rather than hieroglyphic. These illustrations are from Marquardt's booklet. Smith gives his explanations of the image, but again they are wrong. Various museums have similar drawings.

Dee Jay Nelson makes the following identifications:
1. Seated two-faced god - Amon or Khnemu
2. Standing two-faced god - Par
3. Hawk-headed god in solar boat - Khepera-Ra
4. Statue-based bird in a solar boat - This is the sun bark of the new day.
5. Cow-goddess - Hathor in form of Ahait
6. Four mummiform standing gods - the four sons of Horus
7. Seated god - The hawk-backed god of the lifted arm, a form of Menu

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