Facsimile No. 3

No papyrus original of Facsimile No. 3 has been found, but its details are clear enough for Dee Jay Nelson to make a reconstruction in the Egyptian style.

Smith claims that the characters in the image identify the persons. He is correct in that claim but wrong in his own identifications. Nelson gives the real identifications from the Book of the Dead.
1. Osiris, Lord of the Dead, sitting upon the throne of Judgement in the Underworld.
2. Isis, goddess of love and fidelity. She was supposed to be the wife and sister of Osiris (she presided over the resurrection of her husband, Osiris).
3. A small altar upon which is an offering jar and lotus flower.
4. Maat, goddess of truth. She is escorting the deceased into the presence of Osiris and his final judgement.
5. Hor, a deceased gentleman, coming to his judgement.
6. Anubis, a jackal-headed black god who participated in the judgement. He is seen urging the dead Hor toward Osiris.
Isis, Maat and Hor each hold one hand up in the attitude of adoration. The gesture is directed toward Osiris the supreme god of the dead.

The name Hor appears on the papyrus to the right of the Facsimile No. 1 original.

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