Technical errors in the text of the Book of Abraham

Egypt never had power over Chaldea nor operated a priesthood there. Potiphar lived in Egypt and had no reputation in Chaldea.

Abraham was called Abram prior to age 99. All of the supposed Book of Abraham activity happened before age 75 in Chaldea. The Book of Abraham says that his age when he left Chaldea was 62, not the Biblical 75.

The Book of Abraham lists two daughters of Ham as Onitah and Egyptus, both unknown to the Bible. It lists Pharoah as the grandson of Ham, son of Egyptus and Canaan. The Bible names Misraim as one of four sons of Ham, Canaan being another. But Misraim means Egypt! Even today, coins of Egypt have the characters for MISR. So Smith's list of descent is totally wrong.

Abraham is the 10th generation from Ham and lived more than 385 years after the Flood. The Book of Abraham lists him as talking to Pharoah of the 3rd generation from Ham. This might seem strange, but overlap of years in the Bible indicates that Abraham could have been with Noah for 58 years and he died 35 years before Shem.

The Book of Abraham lists Sarai and Milcah as daughters of Haran. Genesis 11:29 lists Milcah and Iscah as children of Haran, not Sarai.

The curse on Canaan only made his descendants slaves of Shem and Japheth. It had nothing to do with any priesthood.

Shechem is in the hill country, not plains, of Moreh. Genesis 12:6 says "oak of Moreh".

The Urim and Thummim were made during the Exodus, many hundreds of years after Abraham. They did not exist when Pharoah and Abraham met.

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