Facsimile No. 1

The papyrus contains a drawing that strongly resembles that of Facsimile No. 1 in the Book of Abraham. There are gaps in the papyrus drawing which Joseph Smith filled with his own ideas. This scene is common in Egyptian artwork. The black figure is Anubis and should have a jackal head, not a human head. A typical Anubis head is illustrated here by Dee Jay Nelson. Smith gives his identifications of the parts of the scene, but they do not match the real features.

As given in Marquardt's booklet, Dr. Klaus Baer lists the true identifications:
1. The "ba", or spirit of Osiris
2. Osiris, represented as a man
3. Anubis, the jackal-headed god who embalmed the dead and thereby assured their resurrection and existence in the hereafter.
4. a lion-couch
Below the couch are canopic jars for embalmed internal organs, with lids being the four sons of Horus:
5. Duwa-mutef (stomach)
6. Qebeh-senuwef (intestines)
7. Hapi (lungs)
8. Imset (liver)
9. (Nile crocodile)
10. a small offering stand with a jug and some flowers on it and two larger vases on the ground behind it
11. -
12. -

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